Unprecedented Hustle Representation

There are only a handful of events around the world specifically dedicated to Hustle dance and even fewer that are on a national level. This year, we are incredibly honored to have the most renowned and decorated hustle legends teach, speak and perform at our event.

We have 20+ confirmed hustle instructors – unprecedented for any partner dance event!

check out the workshop lineup
LISA NUNZIELLAHustle Instructor
Partner/ Producer/ Choreographer at Alumbra Films. Lisa Nunziella is the most successful and decorated hustle champion of our time. She’s a leader in the industry and she’s a positive roll model mentoring newcomers and professionals to their greatest potential.
Ralphie is a dance extraordinaire and hustle dance legend! He teaches almost all styles of partnership dancing ranging from adagio, ballroom, latin & theatre arts. Ralphie’s ability to teach dance technique, choreography, connection & showmanship is unparalleled!
DONNA DE SIMONEHustle Instructor
Donna has been teaching dance since 1976. Her diverse knowledge of dance ranging from ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, Broadway and ballroom has greatly influenced her elegant style. She has won many professional dance titles and is one of the most influential hustle instructors of our time.
Trained in ballet, ballroom, Latin and Theater arts this high energy couple has performed all over the world. They have also appeared on TV, in movies and on stage. They have numerous titles in American rhythm, International Latin, theater arts and are 9 times world hustle champions. Kelvin and Lori Ann Roche.
Elizabeth has an extensive dance repertoire of Jazz/Theater, Ballroom and Hustle. Louie has been teaching and dancing hustle for many years and is considered one of the best Hustle leaders. Their workshops are fun and informative where they have a chemistry that will have you wanting more. They strive to introduce their innovative funky/rhythm and creative style to hustle that fits today’s & yesterday’s music.
Debra Hampton began her dancing career in Ballet,Tap and Jazz. Then was trained in ballroom at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in New York City. She competed at IHSC, Disco America and Fresno Dance Classic winning 1st place with partner Archie Dawson. She’s Recipient of the Eddie Vega and Artie Phillips award.
ALEX KIMHustle Instructor
Alex has been competing and performing for decades in hustle and theatre arts. He continues to dazzle audiences internationally with his skills in adagio, choreography and death defying tricks. Alex is known for capturing the first Hustle title ever held at the prestigious New York Harvest Moonball.
As an International Ballroom & Latin dancer & coach for the past 45 years, Paul Pellicoro has been credited with numerous accolades in the dance community along a long list of Hollywood productions.
He is most well known for the creation of the world-famous “DanceSport Ballroom & Latin Dance Studio” located in the heart of NYC.
SHAY DIXONHustle Instructor
A diverse, multi-talented, professional instructor, decorated Hustle Champion, director of the LA Hustle Movement & chief organizer of the LA Hustle Congress. Shay teaches, competes & judges at hustle events all over the country and is passionate about the growth of hustle.
Veronica is a multitalented pro dancer who has won multiple prestigious hustle & salsa titles across the country for several years. Now, known for her attention to detail and to be one of the most efficient hustle dancers today, her distinguished style has attracted many students desiring to emulate her.
ABDIEL JACOBSENHustle Instructor
An incredible multi-talented professional dancer. Abdiel is an avid Hustle dancer and is dedicated and committed to the cultural preservation of the roots of the Hustle partner dance style while expanding its expression creatively and pushing its boundaries.
STEPHEN WARDHustle Instructor
A highly-talented dancer and instructor with a diverse background ranging from freestyle, Country Western, West Coast Swing, ballroom & ballet. Stephen is a devoted Hustle dancer and is wholly dedicated toward the preservation, promotion & growth of Hustle dancing in the SF Bay Area.
ARCHIE DAWSONHustle Instructor
A nationally recognized social dancer, instructor, and competitor who has been exploring the worlds of Hustle and WCS for over 25 years. Archie is widely appreciated for his ability to spontaneously harmonize with his partner and the music in a way that is fun to watch, fun to do, and does justice to all 3.
MARTIN PARKERHustle Instructor
Owner of DanScene Dance Studio in Costa Mesa CA over 30 years.
Back ground in Hustle, West Coast Swing, American and International Ballroom and many other dances. Instructor, Choreography and Adjudicator. California Hall Of Fame and World Hall Of Fame Inductee.
TBOY & INGAHustle Instructors
T-Boy and Inga have been one of the top European instructors spreading hustle through-out London, Slovakia, & other surrounding countries. Their street dancing background coupled with their skill in hustle dancing has made them one of Europe’s most influential hustle dancers.

Salsa & Bachata

Serena Cuevas
Serena Cuevas
Serena Cuevas is a stellar professional dancer, coach, and choreographer from New York. Known in the industry for both her expressive and technical styling in Latin Club dances, specifically Salsa, Mambo, Latin Hustle, and ChaChaCha. Currently performing as a soloist, judging internationally, and partnered alongside Shay Dixon, she remains a prominent icon in the dance industry.
Javier Campiones & Kiki Dione Amanno
Javier Campiones & Kiki Dione Amanno
This dynamic championship couple are professional dancers, instructors and choreographers for Cabaret, salsa and bachata. They are multi World Champions in all of the dances that instruct and have several salsa and bachata teams that they helm.
Sergio & Bianca
Sergio & Bianca
Bio Coming Soon
Violeta Andersom
Violeta Andersom
Violeta Salsera began her love of dance at the age of 3, when she was exposed to the world of Jazz and African dance. She specializes in infusing Authentic African dance into her salsa, which provided healing for her. It allowed her to appreciate & embrace, not only moves or rhythms, but also her own beautiful Afro-centric features. This self-awareness & acceptance are the basis of her SalsA’fro Movement Therapy dance curriculum.
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Hustle Around the World

T Boy & Anita
T Boy & AnitaSlovakia + Canada
T-Boy & Anita have been recently showcasing and spreading their love of hustle dancing throughout Europe as well. Now these Newlyweds 💍🎊 are excited to participate in the “Hustle Around the World” session on Thursday night at LAHC.
Young & Christy
Young & ChristyKorea
Young & Christy are the founders of the Hustle Korea community, and they have diverse dancing backgrounds and experience, including street dance, musicals, and being wildest club heads. This dynamic duo has been teaching, performing, and organizing events in Korea since 2017, all while traveling around the world to observe and share their love for hustle culture.
Cozyyi Tseng
Cozyyi TsengTaiwan
I am Cozyyi, the organizer of Hustle Hustle Taiwan. In 2014, I went to Sunset Hustle in New York and met David Louis Husney. After that summer, I started organizing Hustle Hustle Taiwan. The hustle community in Taiwan is still growing. Normally, there are more than 200 people in our anniversary party every year.
Kyouju Kyoji Yamamoto
Kyouju Kyoji YamamotoJapan
He started dance classes in Tokyo & Yokohama Japan from 2007 after learning many kinds of partner dances in New York-age from 2000 to 2007. He just started to promote “Elegant Hustle” to spread hustle all over the world. He really believes the Elegant Hustle makes people happy and makes the hustle world bigger !