FRIDAY NIGHT (Sept 27th.)

“Welcome to LA Party” at the CONGA ROOM!

On Friday night, our pre-event festivities start with a “Welcome to LA Party”. This party is a gathering of LAHC attendees at the Conga Room in Downtown LA. The Conga Room is located at 800 W Olympic Blvd, LA, CA 90015. It’s a prestigious Latin based club owned by Jimmy Smith & J Lo. Entry into the club is free between 9PM – 10PM, as long as your sign up for your guest pass online here. If you don’t RSVP online or for anyone entering the club after 10PM, entry is $20.00 per person. This is not a private party for the LA Hustle Congress. It’s simply a great club for our LAHC attendees to meet in, that is near the Sheraton and Downtown Dance & movement.  LA Hustle Congress attendees will be joining a fun night of Latin Discotec Music. This music will give us opportunities to dance hustle. Plus, this club will have a full bar and restaurant service throughout the night.

This will be a great time to meet and mingle with dancers you’ll be interacting with on Saturday during the workshops, competition and social. The party will last late until 2AM. Don’t party too hard, you’ll need your dancing strength for Saturday night! Please click the “Conga Room” link for the dress code.

SATURDAY (Sept 28th.)

LA Hustle Congress!

On Saturday day morning, the LA Hustle Congress kicks off at Downtown Dance & Movement located at 1144 S. Hope St. Los Angeles, 90015. Registration desk opens at 9:00AM. Then our workshop session starts from 10:00AM – 4:00PM. There will be 3 workshops hosted per hour. Each hour there will be a beg/int hustle workshop, an int/adv hustle workshop, and a salsa or WC Swing workshop. Then from 4PM – 5PM we break from lunch (there are plenty of restaurants on the same block as our our venue). After lunch, our competition commences from 5PM – 8:30PM. Then, shortly after the competitions are over, we’ll have one more master workshop before the social dancing starts in both social rooms at 9:15PM.

There will be two social rooms starting at 9:15PM and ending at 2AM: The Hustle/ Crossover Room featuring two DJ’s (catering music primarily to hustle dancers, but for swing dancers as well) and the Latin Room (also hosted by SalsayMas catering music towards salsa, bachata, merengue & cha cha dancers). There will be a Disco Power Hour in the Hustle/ Crossover Room from 11PM – midnight. Also there’s a Costume contest for those die hard disco fans. In the Latin Room, there will be an amateur salsa contest at midnight, where there winners will take home the $300.00 prize.

SUNDAY (Sept 29th.)

Hustle Unleashed Intensive!

The Hustle Unleashed intensive, hosted by Shay Dixon, is the last activity of the LA Hustle Congress held at Downtown Dance & Movement. This is a special group intensive for hustle dancers of all levels, that goes from 1:00PM to 4:00PM, with a practice social starting immediately after from 4:00PM – 6:00PM. This is a paid separate engagement that is not part of the Event Pass. It is the final activity and will conclude the LA Hustle Congress. For more information about the Hustle Unleashed Intensive, click here.