Hustle Unleashed Intensive by World Hustle Champion Shay Dixon

The Hustle Unleashed intensive is a special three hour instructional group session, with an additional two hour practice social proceeding the intensive.

The intensive will be covering two important aspects of hustle dancing. First, the important fundamentals of hustle dancing movement through footwork, posture, dance frame, balance and more. It will cover proper execution of common social patterns for leaders and followers.

The second half of the intensive will cover connection, styling, musicality, how to effectively connect with your partner through technique, and creativity.

  • The intensive will be from 1:00PM – 6:00PM, on Sept 29th at Downtown Dance & Movement.

  • Early bird pricing for the intensive is $50.00 per person, for event pass holders until July 31st ($10.00 extra per person without an event pass).

  • Registration for the intensive is now live.